The ROM is slimmed after removing some unwanted apk files. If you need them

For CM10 releases ------>
Patch for Neo (CM10 only) (thanks to harsh586 for the patch and iToddie for testing)

***This Neo patch is the same for all my builds,only the build date under build.prop changes. I don't have time to edit the date alone(from build.prop) every time and upload. So please do it yourselves. Sorry. ***


Felix said...

Feedback for my Arc S after flashing the latest kernel and installing :

As far as I have tested it, everything works perfect.

This means that issues with sms, wlan and performance are fixed on this device.

Good job and thank you very much!

Are you going to implement an Android 4.3 build?


Anonymous said...

great job!!

Keko said...

I can not understand how a job as good as this can have as few thanks as I read here.
I'm no expert, but I've tried a few ROMs on my Xperia ARC's, and this is definitely one of the best if not the best.
Thank you very much for sharing the effort, I wish you luck on the job and personally, and I hope you can continue giving us new builds.
Greetings from Spain and thanks to Google translate ... ;)

Unknown said...

Thank you all. I will be back soon. :)

Unknown said...

This Rom be lengendarrryyyyyyy!!! I love the UI, I love the smooth scrolling, I love the performance AND I LOVE THE FEATURES!!! I recommend this Rom to everyone with an Arc or Arc S!!! Thank you DarkDefender for your work and for sharing this wonderful Rom!!! I hope you will provide us more and more new builds HAHAA!!!